Finished objects eleven to fifteen

Here we go again! Because I’ve run out of things to write in this introduction, here’s an article about a couple who knit all sorts of cool maths-related objects. I’m particularly inspired to try the hexaflexagon and Pseudoku designs.

CUWiP mug cosy

This was my first experience of doing cable knitting. I wanted to start small, so used this pattern to make a cosy for my rather spiffy CUWiP-branded mug. Unfortunately it’s a little too big, meaning it doesn’t really stay on the mug as it should, so I’m probably going to make another one that is slightly smaller. I’m really pleased with how the cables came out, though.

Double moss stitch scarf

Not much to say about this scarf – it’s very similar to the others I’ve done for Knit for Peace. This is the sort of thing I like to knit while watching TV because it doesn’t require much concentration.

Hurricane hat

Unusually for me, this yarn isn’t purely acrylic – it’s an alpaca-acrylic blend that I picked up in Ruddocks of Lincoln (now closed, unfortunately) for use in another project that didn’t pan out. I knitted this hat for myself, using this pattern, but decided to donate it because it didn’t really suit me after all. I really love this pattern though – it’s so simple, but so effective.

Blue box experiment

Technically this isn’t a finished object, but I’ve listed it as such because I’m quite proud of it. I designed this illusion knitting pattern myself using Microsoft Excel and was intending to knit a whole scarf, but stopped when I realised that that TARDIS design was too stretched out. Maybe it’s falling into a black hole and undergoing spaghettification. Regardless, I’m glad I gave this a go and now I know how the pattern needs to be altered, so in future I can try again.

Festival socks

These were my first completed pair of socks – I started another, but frogged them when I realised I’d used yarn that was too thick. I really love this yarn, which is Wendy Festival Chunky “T in the Park”, and the pattern I used was easy to follow. Unfortunately they didn’t fit me well, so I sent them to Knit for Peace. It’s nice to be able to pass perfectly good knits that don’t quite suit me onto a good home rather than having them languish in a drawer somewhere. It makes me more inclined to attempt challenging projects knowing that, whatever happens, I won’t be wasting my time or yarn.

And that’s it for this batch of knits! Hopefully by the time I write my next post I’ll have come up with some better ideas for introductions and conclusions…

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